One of the few scratch bakeries left, we use the finest ingredients and a dedication to quality to create a wide variety of baked goods for you.  Come visit us to enjoy the aroma of fresh baked treats and see the wide variety of products we offer.  Or browse our online store to find some old favorites or discover new delights.


Our hamburger buns offer a soft texture and a rich flavor to compliment anything you place on them.

We also make a variety of buns and rolls for your every need including Canadian Bacon Buns, Cocktail Buns, Hot Dog Buns, T-Rolls, Raisin Buns and the Dutch favorite, Rusk Buns.  Also enjoy the crunchy crust and soft middle of our European style rolls.


We offer a complete line of bread ranging from the soft and flavorful sandwich bread to the crusty European breads.  Try our nutritional High Fiber Multigrain or whole grain breads.  Wonderful flavor combinations of grains and fruit in our Fruit & Fiber bread or our delightfully sweet Cinnamon Sugar or Apple Bread.  We also make a variety of Krimp breads in addition to our traditional line White, Cottage and Buttercrust breads.


Chocolate Chip, Turtle, Monster and Cranberry Oat or but a few of the varieties of cookies you can find at Casey's Bakery.  Try some of our dutch cookies with our Traditional Spice Windmill and Almond Butter Windmill cookies.  We always have a variety of wonderfully decorated cookies on display ready for kids of any age to enjoy the combination of a cookie and sweet frosting.  And if you are after a healthier cookie, make sure you try our low-fat cookies.


Our donuts are made fresh daily and with over 15 varieties, you are sure to find a donut just for you.





We have a large selection of decorated cakes on hand. You can custom order them for your special occasion whether it be a birthday, anniversary, baptism or confirmation. We have hundreds of designs to fit with any occasion. For a quick snack or dessert we have just what you need. Try our 8x8 snack cakes, cupcakes or bar torte (3 layers of cake and flavored whipped cream or moussé). Pull out all the stops with a dessert cake in Carrot, Strawberry Almond, Chocolate Lover's, New York Cheesecake or Champagne Cake. Our variety is the largest that Northwest Iowa has ever seen!

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